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Background: Traumatic brain injury is “damage to brain tissue and disruption of the brain function caused by an external mechanical force as evidenced by medically documented.
Objectives: The study aimed to estimate the prevalence of traumatic brain injury through age-groups, severity, and mechanism of traumatic brain injury.
Methods: In this cross-sectional study, contained all traumatic brain injury patients who were admitted at a main level one trauma center hospital which is located in southeastern Iran.
Results: The number of reported patients was 445 young and old adult traumatic brain injury. In total, the mean age of the patients was 32.35 ranging from 17 to >80 years. There were 361 (81.1%) men and 84 (18.9%) women among the patients. The most common principal severity of TBI among patients aged 20–29 years was moderate. This corresponds with the age groups that are known to be at higher risk for three levels of TBI. Car accident multiple trauma and head trauma show severity of TBI in both genders.
Conclusion: The research findings determined the lack of ignoring the traffic control system in the southeastern of Iran that was the main cause of injury; consequently, the focus of all essential in the traffic management should consider for this problem. It must be recollected that the incidence of TBI is necessary as there remains no cure for mild-to-severe TBI. As the evidence for effectiveness and specific treatment is limited so it must be subjected to demanding research.