Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 3, Summer 2018, Pages 72-107 

Mini Review

1. Partial 2-Stage Revision in Chronic Hip Arthroplasty Infections: A Review

Pages 72-75


Francesco Castagnini; Luca Busanelli; Giovanni Bracci; Enrico Tassinari; Federico Biondi; Claudio Masetti; Aldo Toni

Original Article

3. Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B and C Infections in Mokolo District Hospital, Northern Cameroon: The Value of a Screening Campaign

Pages 79-84


Abdoul Rahamane Njigou; Joël Noutakdie Tochie; Celestin Danwang; Frank-Leonel Tianyi; Ronni Tankeu; Veronica Aletum; Mazou N. Temgoua

6. Job Burnout Among Family Physicians in Rural Areas of Isfahan Province

Pages 98-103


Neda Moein; Gholamhossein Ahmadzadeh; Alireza Safaeeyan

Case Report

7. Laparoscopic Management of Strangulated Broad Ligament Hernia

Pages 104-106


Tanvi Khetan; Abdulzahra Hussain; Ihsan Al-Shoek; Shamsi EL-Hasani