HPR publishes informative and multidisciplinary advances in all aspects of hospital and medical research to increase the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of various disorders which can be presented, deteriorated. Sample areas of interest include hospital leadership and management, health organization and organizational behavior in hospitals, healthcare services, healthcare quality, patient and staff safety, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of disease, patient and employee satisfaction, pain management, inpatient and out-patient management, human resources recruitment and staff development, nurse management, hospital economics and financial management, operational research in hospitals, communication in hospitals, hospital information management, clinical engineering and health technology assessment, electronic healthcare, clinical governance, hospital marketing, hospital public relations, waste management and environmental issues, hospital design and construction, hoteling and housekeeping, hospital accreditation, hospital performance assessment and improvement, hospital business models, financing strategies for developing hospital infrastructure, government affairs and policy making, global and international issues, hospital medicine, hospital infection, hospital pharmacy, evidence-based practice, best practices in clinical and operational processes, and clinical outcome evaluation and management. Regarding clinical studies, while a broad spectrum of research is welcome, HPR has a specific interest in studies examining the role of hospitalists and hospital medicine in improving the quality of healthcare, patient outcome, and overall hospital performance.